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Welcome to Louisiana Voice and Swallow Solutions, a professional speech therapist that serves Louisiana. Our award-winning speech therapists provide expert care for those struggling with speech and language issues, offering unique and proven therapy that can help overcome the obstacles that are preventing people from living the full and healthy lifestyles they deserve. Louisiana Voice and Swallow Solutions is committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based diagnostics for voice and swallowing to patients in our community.

Louisiana Voice and Swallow Solutions was created to ensure patients in the home health setting have access to the absolute best diagnostics available today. Our focus is to improve a person’s quality of life by providing proper diagnostics and individualized recommendations. We have been treating patients in the home health setting for over 10 years. The biggest hurdle we have faced as a speech pathologist in the home health setting is ensuring our patients have access to instrumental assessments.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) is another way to assess swallowing and is the core of our business. This instrumental swallowing assessment can be conducted at the bedside in facilities, clinics, or homes and provide high-definition images of the anatomy and physiology of swallow function. These quality diagnostics ensure the patient receives the best treatment and a fraction of the cost to the agency!

Our hearts have always been drawn toward home health and educating my community. We want to ensure people are able to eat the least restrictive diet needed to maintain nutrition/ hydration, minimize their risk of re-hospitalization, and maximize someone’s quality of life. Not being able to eat food or drink liquids directly impacts a person’s social and emotional well-being.

Louisiana Voice and Swallow Solutions has all the resources, facilities, and expertise to provide our patients with empowering and caring voice therapy, voice evaluation, speech therapy, swallowing therapy, and dysphagia therapy that they need to take control of their lives. We pride ourselves on helping our patients overcome the obstacles they have in communicating with others. To learn more about our speech pathologist services, contact Louisiana Voice and Swallow Solutions today!

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